Natural pine unvarnished wood profile K1

profile k1
Article #
K1/6X6 6X6cm
K1/6X9 6X9cm
K1/9X13 9X13cm
K1/10X15 10X15cm
K1/13X18 13X18cm
K1/15X21 15X21cm
K1/18X24 18X24cm
K1/21X30 21X29,7cm
K1/24X30 24X30cm
K1/28X35 28X35cm
K1/29,7X42 29,7X42cm
K1/30X40 30X40cm

Natural wood frames with canvas panel 4-pack

profile k1 4x
Article #
Z6x6PN K1 6X6cm 4pcs

Natural pine wood frames. Ideal for stretched canvas. Profile K2

profile k2
Article #
K2/13X18 13X18cm
K2/15X20 15X20cm
K2/18X24 18X24cm
K2/20X20 20X20cm
K2/20X30 20X30cm
K2/20X50 20X50cm
K2/21X30 21X30cm
K2/24X30 24X30cm
K2/30X30 30X30cm
K2/30X40 30X40cm
K2/30X50 30X50cm
K2/30X60 30X60cm
K2/30X70 30X70cm
K2/30X80 30X80cm
K2/30X90 30X90cm
K2/30X100 30X100cm
K2/40X40 40X40cm
K2/40X50 40X50cm
K2/40X60 40X60cm
K2/40X70 40X70cm
K2/40X80 40X80cm
K2/40X90 40X90cm
K2/40X100 40X100cm
K2/50X50 50X50cm
K2/50X60 50X60cm
K2/50X70 50X70cm
K2/50X80 50X80cm
K2/50X90 50X90cm
K2/50X100 50X100cm
K2/60X60 60X60cm
K2/60X70 60X70cm
K2/60X80 60X80cm
K2/60X90 60X90cm
K2/60X100 60X100cm
K2/70X70 70X70cm
K2/70X80 70X80cm
K2/70X90 70X90cm
K2/70X100 70X100cm
K2/70X90 80X80cm
K2/70X100 80X90cm

Natural pine wood frames. Ideal for stretched canvas. Profile K4

profile k4
Article #
K4/13X18 13X18cm
K4/15X20 15X20cm
K4/18X24 18X24cm
K4/20X20 20X20cm
K4/20X30 20X30cm
K4/20X50 20X50cm
K4/21X30 21X30cm
K4/24X30 24X30cm
K4/30X30 30X30cm
K4/30X40 30X40cm
K4/30X50 30X50cm
K4/30X60 30X60cm
K4/30X70 30X70cm
K4/30X80 30X80cm
K4/30X90 30X90cm
K4/30X100 30X100cm
K4/40X40 40X40cm
K4/40X50 40X50cm
K4/40X60 40X60cm
K4/40X70 40X70cm
K4/40X80 40X80cm
K4/40X90 40X90cm
K4/40X100 40X100cm
K4/50X50 50X50cm
K4/50X60 50X60cm
K4/50X70 50X70cm
K4/50X80 50X80cm
K4/50X90 50X90cm
K4/50X100 50X100cm
K4/60X60 60X60cm
K4/60X70 60X70cm
K4/60X80 60X80cm
K4/60X90 60X90cm
K4/60X100 60X100cm
K4/70X70 70X70cm
K4/70X80 70X80cm
K4/70X90 70X90cm
K4/70X100 70X100cm
K4/70X90 80X80cm
K4/70X100 80X90cm

Natural pine unvarnished wood profile K5

profile k5
Article #
K5/6X6 6X6cm
K5/6X9 6X9cm
K5/9X13 9X13cm
K5/10X15 10X15cm
K5/13X18 13X18cm
K5/15X21 15X21cm
K5/18X24 18X24cm
K5/21X30 21X29,7cm
K5/24X30 24X30cm
K5/28X35 28X35cm
K5/29,7X42 29,7X42cm
K5/30X40 30X40cm

Natural wood frames with canvas panel 4-pack

profile k5 4x
Article #
Z6x9PN K5 6X9cm 4pcs

Natural pine unvarnished wood profile K7

profile k7
Article #
K7/10X15 10X15cm
K7/13X18 13X18cm
K7/15X21 15X21cm
K7/18X24 18X24cm
K7/21X30 21X30cm
K7/24X30 24X30cm
K7/28X35 28X35cm
K7/30X40 30X40cm
K7/29,7XX42 29,7X42cm
K7/40X50 40X50cm
K7/50X70 50X70cm

Natural pine unvarnished wood profile K10

profile k10
Article #
K10/10X15 10X15cm
K10/13X18 13X18cm
K10/15X21 15X21cm
K10/18X24 18X24cm
K10/21X30 21X30cm
K10/24X30 24X30cm
K10/28X35 28X35cm
K10/30X40 30X40cm
K10/40X50 40X50cm
K10/50X70 50X70cm

Natural wood frames with canvas panel 3-pack

profile k10 3x
Article #
Z10x10PN K10 10x10cm 3pcs




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